Visionary Mind. Peter Steinkogler.

Inventor of the V_REX is the successful Austrian sailor Peter Steinkogler. Peter has been sailing for 42 years, also in the Austrian National Team in the Tornado class. Peter is a 17- time national champion, and he won a European Champion title.


His sailing and racing school named GODSPEED is well known in Austria, just like Peter himself. V_REX is his first project in designing yachts, after his professional career before sailing as CEO of a company in Dubai with 600 employees. 


The support considered most valuable is given by Richard Flay, a professor from New Zealand, who was substantially involved with Team New Zealand and Alinghi winning the America’s- Cup. Richard Flay is head of the renowned Yacht Research Unit at the University of Auckland. 

V-Rex. A new dimension of sailing.

He came to give a guest lecture at the Graz University of Technology in September 2015. At this opportunity Peter Steinkogler presented his ideas, where after Mr. Flay was smitten and invited Peter to start a master course in Auckland to engage in his ideas. Peter had to decline Mr. Flay’s tempting offer, as he has run the GODSPEED sailing school. In 2014, the Graz University of Technology, in cooperation with other universities and industrial partners, has started an international and interdisciplinary research initiative called “High Performance Sailing” to develop technologies for sail racing. At the Institute for Material Sciences and Welding Engineering, with Professor Christof Sommitsch as team leader, students are currently investigating the forces V_REX is subjected to in their theses, using finite element calculation.


“  The ride with V_REX will be save and controllable. The crew does not have to be a pro athletic to handle V_REX, the only necessity is to understand the hydro- and aerodynamic principle.”, Peter Steinkogler.