Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.

Peter steinkogler

Founder, Inventor & CEO

"I started my semi-professional sailing career with my brother Andreas Steinkogler in the Olympic Class Tornado, achieving international results, becoming Austria’s National Sailing Team in this class and being part of the Austrian Sailing Performance Pool.

I began my business career managing a sports department and after working there for three years and expanding the department, I founded my own company with a partner and since then I have been an entrepreneur. Subsequently, I accepted an offer as  managing director in Dubai and carried out this role for five years. After my time in Dubai, I went back to Austria to manage a company with three other partners focusing on education in sailing."


Head of Technology & Production

"2 Years after studying  technical engineering in Berlin, i  traveled around the world in a one-handed sailortrip on my own. I planned and carried this journey, starting in Germany - crossing the Atlantic  and the Pacific Ocean, ended in Australia -  on my own.  The collected experience  i implemented in my daily work.   Get more fit in  product development processes, be more professional in sailing, repair and modify  yachts makes me  the owner of  a company since 2018. Now I design  and manufacture  carbon components of   high-performance yachts."


Technical Development & Sales

Impressed by the nature at sea and life and work on the water during my job on a cargo ship on the transatlantic route right after school, I bought my first sailing dinghy. Since then, sailing has been one of my big passions. I spent my job life in technical sales of investment goods and intralogistic solutions for international customers. Understanding the different needs of people in different countries makes global sales interesting to me.


Investor & Supporter


Project Management & Sales

" I started sailing when  I was a child. To sail is pure passion and  perfect compensation  during study economics and strategic management  in Linz.  My  professional career I start in Marketing and Communication.  As the  deputy  director of a private bank in Linz,  among to other  tasks,  I develope sales teams and  manage important projects.  "